Bestvital® Colostrum Tabs for your pet

Easy to use due to practical tablet form.

Recommended by veterinarians.

Bestvital® Colostrum Vital Tabs for your pet contain colostrum powder only from selected German farms with species-appropriate animal husbandry. Naturally in the highest quality grade for animals.

Made in Germany.

Produced with gentle processing techniques. Without preservatives. Free from antibiotic and hormone residues. Naturally without genetic engineering.

Bestvital® Colostrum Vital Tabs for your pet contain valuable immunoglobulins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. They serve as an energy source for your pet and supply it with nutrients and protective substances.

Information: Why Bestvital® Colostrum?

Dosage: Give the tabs in addition to the food. Also suitableas a reward.

Small animals: 1 tab daily per 10 kg bodyweight.
Large animals: 2 tabs daily per 100 kg bodyweight.

(For prophylaxis, half the dosage is sufficient).

Contents: e 120 g (60 tabs á 2000 mg)

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